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Canada Motorcycle Financing - New or Used

Ready to go for a Sunday road tour or dirt biking in the backcountry?

Getting the wrong financing for your motorcycle may lead you to a dead-end, as some lenders put heavy limitations on motorcycle loans. Don’t leave your dreams in the dust. Halo Powersports Financing offers you easy access to a range of loans for all makes of motorcycles. We even have options that can even finance your shiny accessories to make it go faster!

If you're looking to buy a new or used motorcycle, or to fund a classic restoration – Halo Powersports Financing allows you to purchase the bike you want, customize it the way you want, and then ride it on your terms.

New Motorcycle Financing

Whether you want a great touring motorcycle to hit the roads like with a Honda or Harley-Davidson, or planning an off-road adventure with a Yamaha or Suzuki, make sure you don’t get caught in the “shiny lights” of the dealership to get your financing. Once you’re in their showrooms, they will want to get you to finance through them right away. It’s in your interest to hold back your enthusiasm to hit the roads with the dealership financing.

Give us a call or fill out our quick financing application to see some fantastic rate and terms options on any new motorcycle you are considering. And if you don’t know which brand you are going to buy, getting pre-approved will provide you the freedom to go anywhere to get your new machine.

Used Motorcycle Financing

Checking out Kijiji or Autotrader to find a great used bike can get you crazy excited and it should! There are few things as exciting as shopping for your dream machine, except of course getting it on the road or in the dirt. Financing a new bike is as easy as financing a new one.

Once you have picked out the machine you want to buy, complete our financing application and we will get you a quick response to the options loan options that will allow you to get rates and terms that fit your needs.

And we know speed can be an issue when getting a used motorcycle, so getting pre-approved is a fantastic way to make sure you know what your budget can be for this life-altering purchase. Get excited, we will make it happen for you!

Bad Credit Motorcycle Loans

Millions of Canadians are living with bad credit. Halo Powersports Financing specializes in helping people in these situations get their motorcycle loan or any powersport vehicle loan.

And not only do we help you get the funding, we work with you to build a profile that improves your creditworthiness. Over as little as a couple of years, we can help you get your credit score to a level that will get you preferred rates the next time. For more information, check our FAQs.

Halo Delivers Motorcycle Financing in Canada

Halo Powersports Financing is the specialist at making your motorcycle dreams come true. Don’t let this precious summer slip by without having the fun you deserve. Contact us today and get ready to rev up your engine.

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